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tmmiconawards's Journal

Tokyo Mew Mew Icon Awards
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Mew Mew Icon Awards
Hello ^_^ and welcome to Mew Mew Icon Awards. This awards community is for people who just love to make Tokyo Mew Mew icons and would like to presant them. This community was inspired by the_icon_ritz!

Judging will go on every Monday! So please be sure you have the icons you would like nominated for that week posted!

I am not a big fan on rules, but to keep the community organized and in order, I am afraid we need some rules.
1.) You may nominate up to 3 icons a week.
2.) You may nominate yourself.
3.) NO putting down others icons!
4.) Judges! You may vote for yourself and friends.
5.) Judges! If you do not vote within 2 days of me posting that it is time for judges to vote, you will not get to vote.
6.) HAVE FUN! *corny, I know!*

Want to be a judge? Join the community, then post an entry with the subject as "Judge" and I will contact you to let you know wheather your a judge or not! I am only looking for about 11 more judges, so apply quickly!

Best Animated/Blinkie
Best Non-Animated
Most Kawaii
Best Black and White
Most Creative
Best Chibi
Best Scanned Icon *meaning, you scanned the image you used*
Best Ichigo
Best Mint
Best Lettuce
Best Pudding
Best Zakuro

Award Banners
Coming Soon! Want to donate any? Please contact ilovemylips!