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Tokyo Mew Mew Icon Awards

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3 Zakuro Icons: [20 Apr 2012|10:42am]

[ mood | curious ]

Please credit if used! ♥

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Hello all . . . [30 Dec 2004|09:15pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Since it appears this community is dead in the water, so to speak, I'm posting these icons here for free use in an attempt to enliven it. They're nothing grand, but if you do take, please comment and credit as is customary. Thanks, and enjoy!




The template used for number three is not my own, but it escapes me as to who the true creator is since I downloaded it long ago. If you recognize it, please inform me. But since that's unlikely . . . I'm disclaiming ownership just to be safe.

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[30 Dec 2004|01:40am]

[ mood | calm ]

Is this place still alive? =\

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Konnichwa! [24 Aug 2004|06:03pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I'm totally new to this community, but I've been making TMM icons for quite a while now. In fact, here's an old icon I made for use by anybody:

If you like it, just credit me. Thanks ^^

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[12 Apr 2004|02:59pm]

whoo. i just found-ish this community .. and i was like, " oh, awards for TMM icons? :3. kawaii~! " so i wanna vote for best ichigo with the icon that i am using. whee. o_-
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Hello all! [08 Nov 2003|10:18pm]

I just made some Tokyo Mew Mew icons today, and then I found this community. I'd like to post these for award consideration and for grabs. :)

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Icons! [10 Oct 2003|07:10pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Gomen ne! I was busy, but I finally made some icons! Here they are!

TMM Icons!Collapse )

Have fun! Don't forget to give me credit for them! Tell me which one you select! Ja ne!

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Konnichiwa! [12 Sep 2003|05:23pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hiya, heya everyone! I just joined this lovely community, and I wanted to know what do we do on this community?

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Kawaii Tokyo Mew Mew Icon Up For Graps! ^.^ Looks At All The Pretty Girlies! [31 Aug 2003|01:19am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey guys! Listen, it's time to change around Pudding's journal for the Spetember layout and she have a Tokyo Mew Mew icon she thought she'd share here to see if anyone wants to use it for their journal because once Pudding get rid of it it's gone. The one being posted in this entry is the one.

So if anyone out there wants this really kawaii Tokyo Mew Mew icon then leave Pudding a comment so she know who's gonna take it and what not. You don't have to give her credit, just give it a good home and promise to share too k? Thanks and good luck! ^.^

~ ~ Pudding ~ ~

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WOO! [16 Jul 2003|06:56pm]

EVERYONE! Go join Tokyo Mew Mew Icon Awards!!

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